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HIV+ Man has unprotected sex with MINORS!

It is stories like this that give us Gay people a bad reputation. This guy has unprotected sex with at least 131 Minors. What I don’t get is how did so many young men. I mean the guy is not even cute at all and/or the kids were just too horny to care. I just don’t get it, unprotected sex in this day? I just don’t understand it.

Willie Atkins a real sexual predator

Man gets life for enticing a minor
Dallas: Record, HIV status, videos lead to maximum sentence
08:31 PM CDT on Friday, May 4, 2007

By JENNIFER EMILY / The Dallas Morning News

An HIV-positive Dallas man who secretly recorded his sexual exploits with 131 young men was sentenced to life in prison Friday for attempting to entice sex from a 15-year-old boy.

Dallas prosecutors believe the men with Willie Atkins in the videos could be high-school age minors but they have not been able to identify them. There is no evidence Mr. Atkins told his sexual partners about his HIV status and he rarely used condoms.

Prosecutors think Mr. Atkins lured the young men to his apartment by promising them jobs with his landscaping company.

During the trial, jurors were shown three segments from 90 hours of sexually explicit videotape confiscated by authorities. In one tape, Mr. Atkins had unprotected sex with an unconscious man.

Despite their graphic nature, one juror said after the verdict that the videos and the fact that Mr. Atkins was HIV positive when he had sex with the young men did not play a big role in his sentence.

John Savage of Garland said the videos only showed the jury what Mr. Atkins intended to do to the boy.

“Any incident with a minor, there’s nothing that can justify that,” said Mr. Savage. “We were definitely inflamed by it. We tried not to let our emotions take over.”

Mr. Atkins’ family left the courthouse without commenting, but their pastor, Alex Horton, said the family felt Mr. Atkins was punished for being a promiscuous gay man.

“The family knows William Atkins has some problems,” he said. “At the same time, they think the judge turned this into a video case … If Mr. Atkins did not have those videos, if those videos had not been allowed, I don’t think the punishment would be as great.”

The boy, who is now 17, has not been in court since he testified earlier this week. He is not being named because The Dallas Morning News typically does not identify victims of sex crimes.

Attempting to entice a minor for sex is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. But Mr. Atkins’ two previous convictions for aggravated robbery and firearms possession made him eligible for life.

In closing arguments, defense attorney Richard Franklin said prosecutors unfairly called the young men in the videos “victims.” Mr. Franklin said the other men should have known to use condoms.

“They want to say Willie Atkins gave all these people AIDS, spread HIV all over the place,” Mr. Franklin said. “They can’t be living in some parallel universe where they’ve never heard of AIDS. It can’t be his fault alone, if he has any fault at all.”

Mr. Franklin said that the “dangerous activity” each side engaged in “cancels each other out.”

Prosecutor Brandon Birmingham told jurors that that line of thinking is “like saying gasoline cancels out fire.”

He urged jurors to give Mr. Atkins a life sentence because “he’s already sentenced people to death.”

Testimony not allowed
During the punishment phase of the trial, outside the jury’s presence, the prosecution asked the judge for permission to call Richard Wilson to the stand. He was 17 in 1991 when he shot Mr. Atkins in Smith County, eventually serving 13 years in prison for the shooting.

Mr. Birmingham told state District Judge Jeanine Howard that he wanted Mr. Wilson to testify because he met Mr. Atkins under circumstances similar to those of the 15-year-old who was the focus of Mr. Atkins’ trial.

In both cases, prosecutors say, Mr. Atkins asked for directions from the young men and a few days later asked each to hang out with him.

At Mr. Atkins’ home, Mr. Wilson turned down a sexual advance after Mr. Atkins put on a pornographic movie and touched his genital area, Mr. Birmingham said.

In that case, Mr. Wilson testified that Mr. Atkins then pulled out a gun and told Mr. Wilson: “It’s going to happen either way.” They struggled over the gun and Mr. Wilson shot Mr. Atkins twice.

It was while Mr. Atkins was being treated for his injuries at a Tyler hospital that he found out he had HIV.

Mr. Birmingham told the judge he only wanted Mr. Wilson to tell the story he had told jurors in his own case because it showed a behavioral pattern.

But Judge Howard said the testimony would unfairly prejudice the jury against Mr. Atkins, and it was not allowed.

“We are not going to try anything in here implying this was a wrong verdict,” Judge Howard said. “That other verdict stands and will not be tarnished in any way.”

Emotional reactions
Mr. Atkins began sobbing as Mr. Birmingham related the tale of the shooting to the judge.

His attorney, Richard Franklin, shushed him, but Mr. Atkins kept crying. He laid his head on his arms at the defense table.

Then, Mr. Franklin told his client to “shut up.” Mr. Atkins kept crying.

Finally, Mr. Franklin kicked a chair by Mr. Atkins. It barely moved but there was a loud thump.

Judge Howard loudly admonished the attorney: “Mr. Franklin.”

Moments later, bailiffs returned Mr. Atkins to his holding cell while the judge researched the law for a ruling. Mr. Franklin followed his client and could be heard yelling at Mr. Atkins:

“What the hell are you doing,” shouted Mr. Franklin. “Quit acting like a … damn baby, man.”

Later, Mr. Atkins’ mother wiped away tears with a tissue.

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